Due to its high-speed money counting feature, it is developed for establishments with high level of daily cash cycle. With Safematic Pro, you may reduce your cash processing time, increase your management coverage and secure your cash deposits.


  • High speed banknote counting unit
  • 1200 banknote/min. counting speed
  • 20.000 banknote capacity re-usable locked bag
  • 10″ Touch screen
  • 2″ Thermal Printer
  • 6mm case body
  • Mechanical Lock System (optional digital lock)
  • 317 x 520 x 656mm. 200 kg.


  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Integration module for Bank and CIT software
  • Detection and separation of counterfeits
  • Banknote Serial Number tracking
  • Monitoring of all statistical reports from on-line information web portal
  • User and operator management and reporting
  • Customizable software